I’m So Sick of the Fanduel Commercials

Have you guys seen these ridiculous fan duel commercials?

Just kidding..Don’t even answer that because I know that you all have.

And if you haven’t you can see how ridiculously annoying they are below.

Don’t you just want to punch yourself in the face or take a hammer and hammer in your ears so that you can never see you watch that stupid video again. Like seriously I’m so sick of seeing this commercial every five seconds. Is just slowly killing me and I really might not make it through football season.

If I hear another “Use your fan duel promo code WINNING or some crap” I am gonna go crazy.

I really want to know how much money they’re forking out in marketing expenses. I mean these guys are just absolutely everywhere. Aside from running commercial every five seconds while watching football game they’re starting to put all their stuff into video games.

I was just playing a video game called NBA 2K and of course lo and behold guess who’s advertising it. As I am running on the court I can see that in the rafters and on the Jumbotron it is a fan dual commercial. Absolutely insane. Even when I think I can do with them by playing video games I still cannot get away from them.

It’s just so annoying I think you’ve going on and on and pushing use these promo codes. I want to just call up the guy who made fan duel and tell him to show his promo codes up his asshole.

All they talk about his use this promo code and get this cash bonus. The fact is, is if you go inside after a bunch of loopholes in our be able to get what they’re actually offering you. It’s a really kind of some scummy thing to get you to go sign up and then the promo Ghosla the track their marketing efforts. They can know which commercials are working and which ones aren’t working as well. The also know which timeslots in which games of Amy for money off by changing all the promo codes.